Nicole Leigh West
Nicole Leigh West

Jun 04. 2 mins


If you asked your body what it thought its sexiest attribute was, it would whisper, ‘the breath’. Breathing is something we all take for granted, even though we know it’s our very life force – not to mention integral to diving. The more we pay attention to it, the better our dives get, as deep breathing into your stomach helps with buoyancy and keeps your air consumption down.

Does breath awareness also help you have better sex? You can bet on it.

Practice Deep Breathing to Bring You into the Present Moment

When you want to have better sex, but it’s just not happening, what do you think is getting in the way? Feeling self-conscious, being under stress and having a lack of energy usually rank high. How very frustrating, when sex is one of life’s great pleasures and, in fact, can remedy all the above scenarios in the best possible way.

The thing is, when you sink into the present moment, anything interrupting pure enjoyment of sex disappears. You’ll know that focusing on your breath is the key to calming the mind, de-stressing and re-energising during yoga and meditation practice. Tapping into the same deep breathing techniques before and during sex, offers equally powerful effects.

Train Your Breath to Enhance Pleasure

Do you often find yourself holding your breath when you’re focused on something? Like exercising, or heading towards the big O, for example? Forgetting to breathe is a normal reflex in certain scenarios, but not one that helps your sex life. It limits the supply of oxygen to your system, as well as blood flow to your genitals. While you can still orgasm, it’s likely to be a quick jolt of pleasure, rather than a longer journey through erotic ecstasy.

Speaking of ‘longer’ – fast, shallow breathing is synonymous with ejaculation and taking deep breaths is scientifically proven to prolong it. For girls and guys, the exquisite wait creates the sensitivity and intensity needed for truly explosive, full body orgasms, so it’s definitely worth putting in a bit of training time.

Techniques for Deep Breathing

Most of us breathe superficially from the chest, instead of abdominally which is the healthiest way to take in oxygen. In fact, we all start out breathing abdominally, until stress, anxiety and general busyness leads to ineffective, shallow breathing. Doing this to your body is like only putting a drop of petrol in the car as opposed to a full tank. No prizes for guessing which method leads to optimum function.

To start, next time you have a really good chuckle take notice of the feeling in your stomach. The term ‘belly laugh’ is quite literal, because when we laugh we naturally breathe abdominally. If you laugh until it hurts, it’s usually a great indication of how little you actually use these muscles.

Introduce a daily practice of abdominal breathing, so it becomes more natural for you. To do this, put one hand on your abdomen and the other on your chest and take a deep breath. You’ll know it’s deep enough, when the hand on your abdomen rises higher than the one on your chest. Hold your breath for as long as possible, slowly exhale and repeat the process for a few minutes at least.

During foreplay, spoon each other and practice abdominal breathing together, with the aim of coordination. This leads to conscious, rhythmic breathing and the more you do it, the more you feel, both emotionally and physically. Don’t worry about having to focus on these techniques once you’re having sex, simply remain mindful of your breathing and let the sensations take over.

Your reward? You’ll have to give it a go, to find out! As you delve further into deep breathing on a regular basis, know that you’re also enhancing your health, looking younger and maximising your bottom time on dives.

Are you a diver who’s conquered the art of deep breathing? We’d love to hear your tips and techniques, in the comments below!


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