Nicole Leigh West
Nicole Leigh West

May 19. 2 mins

Travel Twosomes: Why Couples Who Travel Together Have Strong Relationships

In sex, love and relationships, could travel be the key to happiness? Imagine for a moment that you’re diving at a new site. You’re utterly present and filled with anticipation for what you’ll see coming out of the deep blue. Though it takes planning to get there in the first place, the actual experience is purely spontaneous and, as a result, filled with happy moments.

Couples who venture into the unknown together increase opportunities for spontaneous moments. This fuels sexual desire, enhances connection and fosters positive emotional associations with each other in a way that’s just not possible when you’re locked in routine. As the saying goes, love isn’t always enough to maintain strong relationships, they also require a fair bit of hard work.

Here’s where travel comes in, adding the spontaneity that does much of that work for you.

You Grow Together Through Exciting Experiences

While it’s not impossible to have a riveting, expansive conversation in the kitchen while doing the dishes, it’s not likely to occur night after night. Routine is a passion-killer that sneaks up on relationships and explodes before either of you even understand what’s gone wrong.

Routine can actually dilute relationship bonds, by overtaking passion and curiosity with sheer monotony. You start viewing each other as something that’s related to bills, household chores and responsibility – which isn’t conducive to wanting to rip each other’s clothes off.

Couples who travel together take regular breaks from routine and experience unique, funny, exhilarating and downright weird things with each other.

Things that become memories only the two of you understand. If you’ve seen couples who constantly give each other ‘knowing’ glances, it’s a sign of a deep connection through extraordinary shared moments, sexy secrets and joint mind expansion. This is a type of bond that’s a little hard to come by in the midst of daily routine, but literally lands at your feet when you travel.

You Discover A Deeper Level of Trust

What’s one of the most common reasons for relationship breakdowns? Lack or loss of trust. Think about a dive buddy and the bonds that form because you’re always looking out for each other. Couples who travel together are constantly presented with situations whereby they have to invest in a trusting relationship, which deepens emotional connections.

From one of you getting sick after too many cocktails to feeling safe with your partner beside you as you swim into a dark cave, travelling is all about having each other’s backs. The more often you do it, the stronger your relationship bonds grow towards a deeper level of trust.

Sex and Intimacy Take Centre Stage

Travelling, in itself, is a sexy thing to do. It opens your world up to a taste of the exotic, the feel of anticipation in the air, sounds that thrill the uninitiated ear and the scent of new discoveries. When that’s what you’re experiencing together externally, imagine what occurs within?

It’s hard not to feel turned on in a new, challenging and utterly invigorating environment. Your senses burst into life and the more stimulated they are, the more you want to stimulate them. Sex and intimacy quickly take centre stage, blending perfectly with backdrops of natural wonders, vibrant cities, shared experiences and a heightened anticipation for sharing your lives together.

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