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An Eastern Canada road trip is the perfect way to see what the Great White North has to offer and check out different Dive sites in Eastern Canada. From quiet seaside fishing villages with stunning views of rugged, natural beauty to peaceful, secluded islands, your Eastern Canada vacation will be one you never forget.

Where Should I Go?

Most people plan their Eastern Canada road trip from Toronto and make their way to Quebec City. By contrast, a road trip from Toronto to Atlantic Canada can be very nice, but unless you really have a lot of time, you might miss the stunning seascapes and some of Canada’s best historical sites.

If you have at least 14 days, you can make a road trip from Ontario to East Coast Canada. It really depends on how far you’re ready to drive. If you want to see the sights but only have a limited amount of time, consider renting a car in Halifax and driving to Montreal.

However you plan to go, you’ll definitely want to hit the four major spots: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Montreal. The Eastern Canada itinerary below will show you the sites and restaurants you won’t want to miss on your way through this beautiful country. Get your selfie stick ready. These are sights you won’t ever want to forget.

Planning a Canadian Road Trip:

Nova Scotia:

You can’t plan an Eastern Canada road trip without stopping in Halifax, Nova Scotia. You’ll be able to visit the iconic lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove and visit the premier exhibit on the Titanic. You can see real artifacts from the ship and visit graves of many of the passengers who were pulled out of the freezing cold water that night near Halifax including one commonly mistaken for the fictional character Jack Dawson.

Why not get some diving in on your Eastern Canada trip? Halifax is a great place for diving. Filled with marine wildlife, Nova Scotia is home to blue angels, monkfish, dumbo octopuses, and even the cannibalistic Greenland shark. Visit Torpedo Rays Scuba to get some advice on diving in the area and join one of their guided dives. You can even rent equipment and earn a certification for freediving here.

If you’re up to it, you also want to try hiking the Skyline Trail in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park before heading on to Prince Edward Island. You’re practically guaranteed to see a moose. Even if you don’t though, you’re sure to love the views.

Prince Edward Island:

The home of Anne of Green Gables, Prince Edward Island is full of lush greenery and quaint seaside towns. You’ll want to spend at least a few days in Charlottetown. The port city has a historic center with plenty of boutiques and locally-owned shops.

When you’re not enjoying the canoeing and water sports offshore, you won’t want to miss the great dining. If you’re looking for great local dining, make sure to stop by the Water Prince Corner Shop, a family-owned, waterfront eatery featuring seafood chowders, island blue mussels, and lobster dinners. Make sure to reserve your table though because wait times are always long.

New Brunswick:

You’ll then find your way to New Brunswick, an undervalued province full of hidden gems. You should start in Saint Andrews and book a room at the gorgeous Algonquin Resort, a luxury hotel originally built in 1889 that sits right on the waterfront. Otherwise, Saint Andrews is a quaint seaside village full of history. You can enjoy the lovely old buildings in the morning and then take a short 20-minute ride to Lepreau Falls, on your way to visit Saint John.

When you finally get to Moncton, you can visit the famous Fundy National Park, which boasts some of the highest tides in the whole world. Make sure not to miss Hopewell Rocks. These “flowerpot rocks” were formed from the tidal erosion at the Bay of Fundy and stand 40-70′ tall.

Then after a long day hiking scenic trails and standing over gorgeous lookouts, you can kick back and relax at the Little Louis Oyster Bar. This tiny joint is tucked away on the second floor of an industrial building in a quiet section of town, but the butter-poached lobsters and fine wines are absolutely divine.


The final stop on your Eastern Canada road trip should be Montreal, a city of love and magic. On the way, make sure to stop by Quebec City, one of Canada’s prettiest cities.

When you get to Montreal, you’ll want to visit the Notre Dame Basilica, a stunningly beautiful Gothic revival church, and the Montreal Botanical Gardens, a 185-acre park decorated with Chinese lanterns, creative statues, and exotic flora.

Climb up Mount Royal to enjoy sweeping views of the city and then make your way to the old port to grab yourself a bite to eat at Le Club Chasse et Peche, a chic, high-end restaurant with a unique menu you’ll love. Make sure to leave room for dessert! The caramel and milk chocolate tart with dark chocolate sorbet is simply divine.

Then if you’re making your way back to Toronto, you can drive along the St. Lawrence River and stop to dive some of the famous shipwrecks.

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