Summer kicks off a variety of fitness events. You can easily find an event that is fun and friendly or one that allows you to push yourself while competing with those around you. Fitness events and the training that precedes them can dramatically improve your cardiovascular health, endurance, and muscular strength. As a result, you’ll find that your diving experience will be vastly improved.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of cardiovascular training and popular summer fitness events that can support your diving ability.

Benefits of Cardiovascular Training

Weight Loss / Management: A consistently-followed program of cardiovascular training has been shown time and time again to help people burn fat and lose weight. What’s more, once you’ve achieved your goal weight, cardiovascular exercise can ensure it stays that way.

Diving with excess body weight can make you feel sluggish. You may find that you run out of breath or use up a tank of air faster. Dropping weight will remove the physical struggle of diving and let you enjoy your time under the water.

Endurance Levels: Young or old, cardiovascular exercise can help to increase endurance levels – or the amount of exercise you can perform without losing your breath. High-intensity interval workouts, in particular, have been shown to have an incredible impact on endurance, strength, and weight management.

The last place you want to lose your breath is during a dive. Having a high level of endurance will allow you to dive for longer on the same tank of air. What’s more, you can focus on what’s around you, not trying to catch up to your diving buddies.

Brain Health: Exercise does more than help your body look good; it also benefits your brain. From increased neurons to better cell health, exercise has been shown to improve cognitive performance including focus and working memory.

Whether it’s keeping an eye on your tank or your surroundings, being alert and focused can help you stay safe and stay alive while diving.

Fitness Events to Improve Cardio Health (and Your Dive)

Here are several fitness events that can help you enhance your cardiovascular health and prepare you for this or next season’s dives.

5k or 10k Races: If you don’t have much experience with cardiovascular training, and you’re not a fan of the gym, 5k and 10k races are a great place to start. Trendy versions of these races have sprung up all over the world including the Color Run, Glow Run, and Wine Run. Perfect for those seeking a friendly atmosphere, 5k and 10k races allow you to train and compete at your pace. The race is better when you bring friends along.

Tough Mudder: This 10+ mile race involves more than just running across a finish line, you’ll also have to jump, crawl, and dodge your way through an obstacle course. Cardiovascular training is going to be the foundation of preparing yourself for the Tough Mudder, but strength training will also play a huge role. Sure, you can take it at your own pace, but why not get competitive with friends?

Spartan Race: The Spartan Race will vary from place to place. You might be able to find a Spartan Run that is no longer than a 5k race; some will go as long as a full marathon (24 miles). Similar to the Tough Mudder, the Spartan Run requires you to be fast on your feet and make your way through an elaborate set of obstacles.

CrossFit Events: The national CrossFit Games competition has spurned the creation of local community events around the world. These CrossFit events feature many of the same challenges including Triple-G Chipper and Strongman’s Fear. To be in shape for a CrossFit event (or even just a CrossFit workout), you need to train for endurance, strength, and power. A comprehensive weight training program featuring Olympic lifts should be coupled with a high-intensity cardio workout.

What Summer Fitness Events Do You Compete In?

Have you trained for any of the events above? What type of workout did you use? How was your diving experience after the training and event? Let us know in the comments below!


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