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Sep 07. 2 mins


“There is simply no issue more important. Conservation is the preservation of human life on earth, and that, above all else, is worth fighting for.”

― Rob Stewart

How many of us truthfully or wholeheartedly can say we have put a passion above and beyond ourselves. Well, that’s what Rob Stewart has done, as realized by his powerful trilogy Sharkwater, Revolution and now Sharkwater Extinction.

This trilogy will inspire multi-generations of scuba divers, activism and ecologists, as well as educate and invoke strong opinions.

From the original documentary, Sharkwater, Rob attempts to reach out for the balance of his indubitable passion with facts and convictions. All while incorporating the beauty of a deep blue underwater world with comprehension of how sharks and various aquatic animals deserve not only acknowledgement but are today and have always been instrumental in our existence from the beginning of humanity. From the injustice of the horrendous and growing shark fin industry’s seemingly never-ending and unapologetic thirst, we awaken from our indifference or lack of knowledge towards modern-day inhumane cruelty. It is also in this documentary we see Rob wrestle with his drive for justice towards the treatment of sharks, his relentless fight against an industry with actions that will have long-term repercussions towards the extinction of sharks and the effect on our ecosystem. We share witness to Rob, who puts the preservation issues of sharks and empathetic conservation in general above and beyond his health crisis.

In this first installment we meet Rob Stewart the dreamer, ecologist, humanist, activist and through it all, we meet ourselves.

Revolution is inevitable as was the welcomed sequel to Sharkwater. Here we are impassioned with our desires for a better world. Through our own eyes, children’s eyes and overall through Robs. His continued passion still fervent but now emblazoned more so by activism both politically and economically. A mirror of possibilities reveal themselves as to how we can contribute and facilitate towards long-term change through mere rallying and active perseverance for change. For the future of humanity overall. Rob infuses this sequel with views on climate control, corporate greed and societal indifference with a steady balanced if not astringent lean towards activism action and that ‘the truth will surface’.

Now in 2018s Sharkwater Extinction, the final entry to the Sharkwater trilogy the title lends its name and evokes the tragic death of Rob Stewart. A human species undoubtedly rare in these times of keyboard activism and hallowed revolutionaries.

It is here Rob chooses to go deeper if not in depth into the changes that have been made by government policies around the world due to his and countless others activists towards the hunting of sharks and shark fins. Although actions have pushed both atrocities into an underground industry creating a realistic ominous overtone to Revolution and our realities.

As he takes covert actions to lend a face to a continued issue, we are left embattled as to who are the real sharks indeed. The hunters or the hunted. We are informed of how little we choose to see or require to know. All our apathy regarding climate control and environmental concerns short and long term. With a fervent reminder of how our everyday products such as cosmetics, pet foods and many other products are supplemented with shark by-product. That shark meat in itself is one of the most sought-after yet also one of the most toxic meats a well. Throughout Sharkwater Extinction we sense and apprehend Rob’s disparagement towards humanity until it comes full circle and resolves into hope and trust that change is possible. Confirmed by a new generation of resolute interest towards sharks and our well being in general. Something that the Sharkwater Trilogy can be credited in contributing to.

Extinction infuses both tipping points of the previous two documentaries with a decidedly fervent urgency than transcends Rob’s vision of a harmonious existence of land against sea. A tipping point where Rob casually states his destiny to come to fruition. A destiny we are wholeheartedly drawn into. The realization, the disturbance, motivational, apathy, anger and efforts needed on a global and individual scale. Rob Stewart’s journey Sharkwater Extinction is our journey. A journey to our evolution to ‘be a hero.’

Sept 07th 2018.

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