A Foodie’s Guide to Roatan’s Best Restaurants

We can all agree that Roatan is a small island with a big personality. Originally inhabited by native Indians (supposedly related to the Mayans) and later occupied by Europeans who brought along hundreds of people from Africa, the island is a delightful melting pot of Spanish, British, African and Carribean elements, all of which influence the local cuisine in a uniquely delicious way.

That being said, delving into Roatan’s food scene can be as exciting and adventurous as exploring its underwater treasures. So, whether you are in for a gourmet experience or want to grab a quick bite between dives, these five local restaurants will help you expand your gastronomic horizons and explore Roatan with your palate as your compass.

1. Vintage Pearl Restaurant & Wine Cellar (for Gourmet Gastronauts)

Tucked away on West Bay Beach, Vintage Pearl is an upscale restaurant that is known for its wood-dominated interior and sophisticated atmosphere. This fine-dining establishment marries the traditional Honduran cuisine with West’s tastiest dishes, resulting in a uniquely appetizing fusion that has both locals and tourists talking.

Some of the restaurant’s most popular courses include the Gorgonzola-stuffed gnocchi and the seafood risotto with lobster and calamari. Note, though, that signature dishes aside, the Vintage Pearl changes its menu daily, allowing patrons to taste something different every day. The restaurant also boasts a wide selection of international bottles, indulging guests in an Insta-worthy sipping session by the beach.

2. Cal’s Temporary Cantina (for Laid-Back Gourmands)
Don’t let its name fool you. This Roatan cantina is here to stay. Nestled amidst a sea of palm trees at the top of a ridge and sporting a million-dollar view of the ocean, this diner is perfect for anyone who wants to experience the local lifestyle and cuisine like a true catracho, a.k.a. relaxed AF. The restaurant features a variety of dishes, all of which are influenced by the island’s unique flavors and Tex Mex’s spicy elements. So, chances are you’ll treat your taste buds to something new, no matter what you choose to order. Friendly tip: Make sure you get your hands on the island burger. You won’t regret it!

3. La Sirena de Camp Bay (for Adventurous Foodies)

Located on a dock over the ocean and surrounded by the Carribean’s turquoise waters, this postcard-worthy restaurant is the definition of wanderlust. Luckily, besides its breath-taking view, this little gem of a restaurant serves some of the best seafood dishes on the island. So, if you happen to stop by (fingers crossed!), make sure you order the lionfish, prawns or coconut shrimp with a side of rum punch. Keep in mind, though, that it may take a while for you to get there as La Sirena is located in the northeast part of the island, near the Camp Bay Beach. Even so, it’s totally worth the time!

4. Sundowner’s Beach Bar (for Hearty Eaters)

Even though it’s technically a beach bar, this establishment is no stranger to juicy burgers, chicken sandwiches, and other delicious meals. Built next to the white sands of Half Moon Bay (West End), this bar is considered ground zero for the most romantic sunset view on the island; hence the name “Sundowner’s.” So, if you want to get the most out of happy hour and hit back with a cold beer in one hand, a filling snack in the other and the ocean at your feet, this is the place to go.

As for those who remember the seaside bar in it its old one-storey form, it’s time for an update. The lovely restaurant is going through some major changes at the moment as it’s building its way to a two-storey mega beach bar. PS: You can even help shape the new Sundowner’s by buying your very own barstool with your name engraved on it. Think of this investment as an out-of-the-box Kickstarter project that’ll grant lifetime (front-seat) access to one of Roatan’s most picture-perfect beaches. So, where do we sign up?

5. Creole’s Rotisserie Chicken (for Local Food Enthusiasts)

If dining on an open-sided deck and gazing at the sea is your kind of foodie fantasy, then Creole’s is a must-visit. Thanks to its variety of local-inspired dishes and friendly atmosphere, this West End restaurant is considered a low-key Roatan institution. Some of the most popular dishes include the island-style roast chicken, the coconut rice, the coleslaw and -of course!- the rum cake. Bon appetit!

Which of these restaurants lies at the top of your must-visit list? Let us know in the comment section down below!


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