Nicole Leigh West
Nicole Leigh West

Mar 13. 2 mins

Relationships on the Go: How to Survive Long Distance Relationship Problems

Let’s say you’re addicted to diving and your partner isn’t. It’s surprisingly easy to fall into a long distance relationship without even really noticing…at first. The more you dive, the more you want to explore new sites, which means travelling and achieving a lot more bottom time, than romance.

Regardless of why you and your lover are geographically challenged, problems often stem from a lack of trust, focus on making it work or an imbalance of priorities. However, relationships on the go don’t necessarily have to meet a watery end. The question is, how do you survive long distance relationship problems?

Balance Your Passions

Presumably, you’re passionate about both your partner and your hobby or work. While there are always exceptions, most of us are happier when we’re pursuing our goals and maintaining meaningful relationships at the same time. One without the other leads to emotional imbalances and disconnection, either to people or purpose.

Whether it’s diving, travelling, sports, business or research that keeps one of you away on a regular basis, balancing how you allocate your time, is key to achieving harmony in long distance relationships. It may be easier to think that love will find a way, but it’s going to have a hard time navigating, without some careful thought and planning.

A bonus of long distance relationships, is the anticipation of steamy reunions, but you need to set an end date to separations, for the excitement to brew rather than fizzle. Or, arrange trips so you’re not apart for more than three or four weeks at a time. When you consciously allocate time to maintain balance in your life, it’s entirely possible to fulfil your desires and have a happy relationship.

Keep Sex Alive Across the Seas

Obviously, the absence of sex is a downfall of long distance relationships. Aside from being a physical need, it’s an important part of maintaining emotional bonds. The great news is, that you can give each other sex on tap no matter where you are. In fact, you can create explosive sexual tension that’s pretty hard to replicate in a day-to-day relationship.

This is the fun part of being separated, so get creative. Take cheeky pics to tease each other with. Send sexy texts about what you want to do when you next meet. Explore a whole new world of sexuality, with phone sex. You’ll build exquisite desire and anticipation for each other, that only long distance relationships can achieve, so make the most of it!

Value Your Talk Time

When your relationship consists of nothing more than words and text messages for weeks, communication is everything. You want conversations to be positive, uplifting and something both of you look forward to. While it’s fine to talk about issues and it’s great to be honest about what’s happening in life, your time on the phone shouldn’t be used to bitch about your day at the proverbial office. Just as it does at home, this soon leads to negative associations with each other and disconnecting from intimacy.

Use the time wisely and you’ll forge even deeper bonds, as you branch into topics that are otherwise lost in routine living. In the absence of hugs to show support, be there in the same way with an empathetic ear and loving advice. Tell each other about interesting things you’ve done, people you’ve met and insights you’ve had. This creates an inclusive environment, where you both feel trust, respect and security within the relationship.

Establish a Positive Relationship Mindset

Last, but certainly not least, is the importance of viewing your situation through a positive lens. If it’s your intention to make it work, you’ll remain focused and committed to doing so. If you succumb to negative thinking, you’ll slowly, and perhaps even unknowingly, sabotage your love life to the point of no return.

No matter what happens, it’s always a choice to move into love or stray towards inevitable disconnection. If you decide to drift on the current of love, you might just find that the rewards of individual space, acceptance of each other’s desires and faith in the relationship, far outweigh the odd rogue wave or two.


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