Nicole Leigh West
Nicole Leigh West

Feb 24. 2 mins

Looking For a Relationship Boost? Dive With Your Lover

If you’re diving deep into love, why not do so in sexy wetsuits together? Apart from sharing cheeky kisses 30 feet underwater, when you dive with your lover your relationship expands to new heights, or, in this case, serious depths. How, you might ask?

Let’s find out.

Dive with Your Lover to Strengthen Emotional Bonds

Netflix and popcorn on the couch is all well and good, but it doesn’t go far towards creating emotional intimacy between couples. Adventure, on the other hand, helps you grow together in ways that keep that all-important spark alive and fresh. Scuba diving has all the elements of excitement, trust and teamwork you need, to share something truly invigorating and meaningful.

When you do, you emotionally associate each other with positive, exhilarating experiences. It’s these shared experiences and the feelings they evoke, that strengthen bonds. On the flip side, when you’re in a rut and conversations revolve around who gets to choose the movie, you associate each other with predictability, boredom and possibly anger, if you never get your own way.

Apart from a lack of action between the sheets, negative emotional associations quickly suck the life out of relationships. Dive with your lover and you’ll inject the magic of the deep blue sea, straight into the veins of emotional intimacy within your relationship.

Take Advantage of Having the Perfect Dive Buddy

There are many reasons why dive institutes teach the buddy system, safety of which is at the top of the list. When you dive with your lover, they’ve already got your best interests at heart, making them the perfect dive buddy. More than likely, they’ll automatically help check your gear, pay attention to where you are at all times and rush to help when you get a leg cramp.

Better yet, is the ability couples have to communicate without the need for words. While you’re diving, good communication involves facial expressions, gestures and eye contact registering everything from total awe to outright fright. When you already understand each other, you’ll be making up your own underwater language with perfect clarity.

These skills extend to all areas of your relationship, as you redefine what communication means. Fights are fairer and love is sweeter, when you invest time in expanding how you perceive and relate to each other.

If you’ve just started a new relationship, all of this works in the reverse. In that you’ll learn, much more quickly, how to understand and trust each other, while encouraging teamwork, forming strong bonds and sharing transformational experiences.

Turn up the Heat Between the Sheets

Even if you embark on a cold water dive trip together, you’ll generate a heat that’s seriously hard to beat. Most people would agree, that one of the sexiest qualities in a person is passion. When you dive with your lover you get to witness the look of wonder on their face when a giant turtle glides by.

You watch their powerful legs slice through the water. You feel their excitement and anticipation of going deeper. And you sit up all night talking about every, awesome detail. That’s all without mentioning salty skin, sexy beach hair and peeling off your wetsuit at the end of a phenomenal dive.

Enough said?


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