Nicole Leigh West
Nicole Leigh West

Apr 18. 2 mins

Honeymoon in Roatan

You certainly don’t need to be in love, to fall in love with Roatan. However, if you’re looking for an incredibly romantic honeymoon destination, your search might just be over. For water lovers, the largest of the Bay Islands adds sizzling heat, the second largest barrier reef in the world and slices of secluded sand to your recipe for romance.

Romantic Roatan Honeymoon Hideaways

What’s on the top of your wish list, for a honeymoon hideaway? A private beach? A luxurious villa? Fine dining? Hot tubs, ocean views or spa treatments? You don’t need a genie to fulfil your wish in Roatan, with accommodation options ranging from decadent resorts to eco-friendly bungalows.

Step out of your suite and straight onto the sand, at The Beach House boutique hotel, overlooking Half Moon Bay. The Meridian at Lighthouse Point boasts villas or condos with Caribbean sea views, tropical gardens, a restaurant and the all-important pool with a swim-up bar. Enjoy all the perks of a large resort in West Bay, with a plush, modern condo to escape to, at the Grand Roatan Caribbean Resort.

Looking for something a little quirky? Tranquilseas Eco-Lodge and Dive Center offers colourful cabanas with names like Hummingbird and King Crab, along with all-inclusive dive and stay packages, lush tropical gardens and onsite yoga.

Underwater Love

With consistent water visibility of about 100 feet, you can watch your loved one dive with sea turtles and maybe even whale sharks, with perfect ease in Roatan. Hold hands as you explore coral encrusted shore walls, venture through caves to spot nurse sharks and search for the ever-elusive seahorse, at some of the world’s top dive sites.

The CoCo View Wall, Dolphins Den and Mary’s Place are among the most popular sites, for good reason. However, you can escape the dive boats and venture into blue oblivion in virtual seclusion, if you choose. One option is from the Turquoise Bay Dive and Beach Resort, located on the remote Northeast shore. Most sites are accessible via a short boat ride and see much less traffic from dive operators across the island.

Beaches off the Beaten Path

For people-watching and water-based activities, West Bay Beach and Half Moon Bay bring the action. When you only have eyes for each other, a honeymoon in Roatan also means sublime seclusion for lazy days kissing beneath the warming rays. Rent a 4WD, pack a picnic and explore the island’s East End.

Camp Bay Beach offers the rolling, turquoise waves, white sand and palm trees that island dreams are made of. It’s located, literally, at the end of the main road on the East End, far away from the tourist strip and cruise boat passengers. You’ll find mainly locals enjoying the beach on weekends, but you’ve got a good chance of long stretches of sand to yourself, on weekdays.

Seductive Island Lifestyle

When you honeymoon in Roatan, wake up to the sounds of the ocean, stay in bed till noon and dine on fried plantains, blue crab and succulent fruits over a long, lingering lunch. Sway in a beachside hammock for the afternoon, before sunset cocktails, moonlit swims and sandy stargazing by night.

Feel like exploring? Leap out of bed for a snorkel or dive, zipline through the jungle to the beach, traverse narrow hill trails and villages on horseback, play a round of golf or delve into native Garifuna culture at a museum. A tropical rainforest ecosystem also means there’s plenty of wildlife to spot, from White-Tailed Deer to the endangered Yellow-Naped Parrot.

With a seductive island lifestyle that’s perfect for both doing nothing and doing it all, Roatan and honeymoons are, quite simply, a match made in heaven.


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