6 Honduran Seafood Dishes to Get Your Protein Fix After A Dive

We get it; Chicken and hard-boiled eggs seem like your best chance to score some much-needed protein after an exhausting dive. But, if you think you’re limited to just these two options when you’re in Roatan, Honduras, you need to think again. The island’s food scene is packed with delicious seafood which *FYI* is also an excellent source of the muscle-building nutrient. So, if you are ready to give your go-to chicken salads and omelets a break, here are six Honduran seafood dishes that’ll take care of all your post-dive protein needs.

1. Sopa de Caracol (Conch Soup)
Trivia question: What’s the name of the only Honduran seafood dish that can make your stomach growl and your hips move at the same time? That’s right, conch soup! A popular seafood dish in Honduras, sopa de caracol is the inspiration behind the same-title song that climbed the Billboard back in the early 90s. Besides conch meat, the protein-packed dish features a variety of unique and delicious ingredients which are indicative of Honduras’ rich food culture. Some of them include coconut milk, yucca (a.ka. cassava), cilantro, green bananas and various spices.

2. Sopa de Tortas de Pescado Seco (Soup with Dried Fish Cakes)
Another popular Honduran seafood dish is the dried fish cakes soup. A staple during Lent season when meat consumption is not allowed, this course consists mainly of fish which is usually soaked overnight to reduce the saltiness. The following morning, the fish is crumbled, mixed with a variety of yummy ingredients (see: tomatoes, onions, coriander, carrots, green bananas and bell peppers), shaped into small patties and cooked in broth.

3. Fried Yojoa Fish

We may sound a bit biased, but the fried Yojoa fish is one of those must-try-before-you-die dishes. Sporting a salty/spicy taste with an addictively crunchy texture, this seafood course is guaranteed to swoon your taste buds, no matter what. The deep-fried fish is usually served with pickled red cabbage or onions, but for those of you who appreciate gourmet vibes in a meal, a side of fried plantains is a no-brainer.

4. Hudutu (Garifuna Coconut Fish Stew)
Taking up a small fraction of the Honduran food scene (bummer!), the Garifuna cuisine is definitely worth your attention during your Roatan diving vacay. The Afro-Latin type of cooking uses fish, coconut milk, and green bananas as the main ingredients, and this must-try stew is no exception. However, what makes this dish stand out is the delicious mix of cilantro, lime juice, cumin, basil and onions that locals tend to add to the mix. Need we say more?

5. Sopa de Jaibas con Coco (Crab Soup with Coconut)

At this point, you’ve realized that seafood, coconut and green bananas go side by side in the eyes of the Honduran cuisine. This dish proves this theory once again by combining crab meat with unripe bananas and dried coconut, and basically whipping up a meal that’s rich in protein, healthy fats AND fiber. Post-diving munching was never more nutritious!

6. Honduran-Style Ceviche
Even though ceviche is known as a Peruvian must-try, the Honduran version of the raw appetizer can easily top the original. That said, the dish consists of one or more seafood items with conch, fish, lobster, and shrimp being the most common options. Then, locals top all the seafood goodness with hearty veggies and herbs such as cilantro, tomato, and onion. The occasional coconut milk adds a welcome creaminess to the mix. Lastly, they make sure all the raw-seafood bacteria are out of the picture by drenching the appetizer in a zesty lime or lemon juice marinade which also brings the whole dish together.

Would you swap your post-dive chicken sandwich for these drool-worthy seafood dishes? Let us know in the comment section down below!


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