7 Drool-Worthy Honduran Dishes You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Thanks to its powder beaches, palm-tufted islets, and crystal-clear waters, Honduras has been a go-to destination for wave-chasers for years now. But, besides turning into an “it” stop for surfers (and divers, may we add), this Carribean country is also a foodie paradise. Between the various fish species and never-ending produce, Hondurans make excellent use of the local resources and never fail to deliver flavor-wise. So, if you want your palate to take a distinct turn for the tropical, these seven oh-so-delicious Honduran dishes will help you experience local cuisine like a true catracho (or catracha). Buen provecho!

1 – Baleada
Made up of mashed refried beans, cheese, avocado, scrambled eggs and mantequillo (a Honduran sour cream) and wrapped in a flour tortilla, baleada is perhaps the most iconic Honduran dish to date. Given its unique combo of carbs, protein, and healthy fats, this handheld should be at the top of your foodie bucket list next time you visit Roatan.

2 – Machuca
A perfect example of Honduras’ Garifuna (Afro-Latin) cuisine, machuca is a soup dish that consists of the country’s most popular foods; fish, plantains and coconut milk. Specifically, locals boil and mash a bunch of plantains, and then mix the sweet paste with a coconut milk/fish broth. As odd as it sounds, this combo can tingle your taste buds in ways you can’t even imagine.

3 – Honduran Tamales (Nacatamales)

Similar to the regular tamales, nacatamales are a Christmas favorite in Honduras. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to wait for the holidays to take a bite. After all, this course is made of ingredients which are available year-round. Specifically, it consists of a corn dough (masa) that is filled with pork, chicken, rice or beans and the occasional bell peppers and onion. Then, it’s wrapped in a plantain leaf and cooked until the dough turns solid.

4 – Sopa de Caracol
Even though we’re this close to getting our groove on when we hear the same-titled song, sopa de caracol (conch chowder) is actually a favorite Honduran dish that features conch as its main ingredient. The stew includes a bunch of other delicious fixins such as coconut milk, cilantro, spices, yucca root, and plantains. Yum!

5 – Fried Yojoa Fish
If you wear your love for fish on your sleeve, this dish is a must-try. Unlike most of the fish in Honduras, the Yojoba fish has a distinct salty taste, a trait that makes the said dish quite savory. Prior to deep frying, the fish is marinated in spices for an extra kick. It’s also served with pickled onions and red cabbage. Friendly tip: Make sure you order a side of fried plantains to balance out the dish’s tang. You won’t regret it!

6 – Anafre de Frijoles

Love appetizers? Then, you need this Honduran dish in your life. Made of fried red or black beans, cheese, and sometimes jalapenos and/or chorizo, this delicious finger food is cooked in a furnace using a rustic-looking clay pot (anafre); hence the name. It’s served with tortilla chips to help you scoop the cheese/beans dip. Think of it as cheese fondue but with a Latin twist.

7 – Semilla de Jicaro (Honduran Horchata)
Although it’s not technically a dish, this horchata variation is definitely worth your foodie-driven attention. Using ground rice, jicaro seeds and a bunch of spices and nuts (think cinnamon, nutmeg, cashews, cocoa powder, etc.), this Honduran take on the popular Latin American drink will make your evenings by the beach all the more delicious. PS: Semilla de jicaro contains zero alcohol, so it’s perfect for a pre-dive sipping sesh.

Do you know any other mouth-watering Honduran dishes? Share your pics in the comment section down below!


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