4 Honduran Banana-Filled Dishes to Refuel After An Exhausting Dive

If there’s one food that screams Honduras, it’s bananas. From show-stealing side dishes to wow-worthy main courses, this yummy, starchy fruit has played a huge role in the country’s ever-evolving food scene for centuries now. Not to mention that it has helped the regional economy grow by leaps and bounds.
But, besides defining the local cuisine, the nutritious fruit has the power to improve your diving experience, especially when it comes to stamina and performance. You see, bananas are packed with fast-digesting carbs which can help your body refuel quickly after an energy-draining dive. They are also rich in potassium, a mineral that is known for speeding muscle recovery by balancing out the electrolytes throughout your body.
So, if you want to enjoy Roatan’s picture-perfect reefs to the fullest, these four lick-the-bowl-clean banana dishes will help boost your energy without skimping on flavor one bit. Ready to go bananas? ‘Cause we are!

1. Honduran Banana Bread
If eating dessert for breakfast is your thing, then you need to dip a slice of this delicious banana treat in your morning cup of Joe. Featuring all sorts of goodies from flaked coconut to cream cheese, this Honduran dish is banana bread at its finest. And if you are lucky enough, you may get a chance to taste it the way locals do, a.k.a. topped with pecans and drizzled with a mouth-watering lime/rum icing. Boozing in the a.m. was never tastier, amirite?

2. Honduran Oven-Baked Bananas

Oven-baked bananas are a very popular Honduran treat, and truth is that just one bite is enough to convince you to get in on the (munching) action. This exotic dessert features -what else?- halved bananas as the primary ingredient even though a delicious milk/butter/sugar batter does most of the work. The oven-baked dessert is also seasoned with nutmeg and cinnamon for an extra kick. Sometimes, locals toss the baked bananas with lime juice and rum in an attempt to increase their aroma. On occasion, they garnish the dish with hot chocolate or vanilla cream and serve it with ice cream.

3. Machuca
Representative of the Garifuna (Afro-Latin) cuisine that’s very popular on the island of Roatan, machuca is a Honduran dish that utilizes the local resources to the fullest. So, from fish (usually in the form of shrimp or conch meat) to coconut milk to cassava, this treat has it all. However, plantains are considered the key ingredient in this popular soup as they form the paste that brings the remaining ingredients together. Garlic, onion, and bell peppers make up the rest of this sweet-and-salty Honduran course.

4. Honduran Platanos Fritos/Tajadas (Fried Plantains)

Bananas are not the only starchy staple that dominates the Honduran cuisine. Plantains, a.k.a. banana’s cousin, also add a sweet and nutrient-dense touch to the mix, and tajadas are the living proof. Despite being super easy to cook, fried plantains are anything but plain as they bring out all the flavors in the most savory dishes. Platanos Fritos can be either served as part of the main course or as a side dish along beans, beef, rice or fish.

So, which of these dishes will be your go-to option for your Roatan holiday? Let us know in the comment section down below!


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