Nicole Leigh West
Nicole Leigh West

Mar 28. 2 mins

Dive Holiday Romances: Should You Leave Them Behind?

What’s more exciting than peering into the shadowy hull of a submerged wreck for the first time? With all the myth, mystery and heart-pumping adrenaline you could ask for, holiday romances certainly come close. However, just like a wreck dive, they’re magical, yet usually fleeting in nature.

Does that mean you should always leave them behind?

Look Behind the Holiday Beer Goggles

You’re on the beach with the balmy breeze in your hair and a beer in hand. Suddenly, your eyes lock on a stranger across the room and, the next thing you know, you’re living in a rom-com fantasy that has all the makings of happily ever after. Is it any wonder most of us can’t resist the allure of holiday romances?

Whether you’re actively looking for a one-night stand, trying to spice up your trip or lust just hits you on the head out of the blue, one thing’s for sure. At this stage, you’re looking at the situation through a rose-coloured lens. And, quite possibly, one tinged with a few cocktails and a minor case of sunstroke.

Even if, for example, you’re on a healthy yoga retreat and find yourself constantly gazing into the eyes of the hot instructor, reality isn’t usually invited along. You feel free, inspired and ready to welcome wonderful things into your world, which means you’re incredibly open to being swept off your feet. Everything about that person seems perfect.

Which is why the holiday beer goggles have to come off, before you decide whether or not to leave it behind.

Don’t Dream of the Future Without Reason

Intense, sexy romps in the waves are what many of the best holiday romances are made of. Attraction, emotion and enjoyment is heightened to the extreme, by the novelty alone. Problems occur when you find yourself crying into your latte at the airport because you think you’re losing the love of your life – even if neither of you speak the same language.

While there’s nothing wrong with indulging in a love spell comedown, chances are, the minute you stop replaying the passionate fling in your mind, you’ll forget about it quickly. Pursuing the situation further only prolongs feelings of somehow missing out on something that was perhaps intense, but lacking any substance.

Steamy encounters like this are best left on the beach, where you can keep the memory of it footloose and fancy-free. That way, you’ll look forward to the next one without feeling jaded or resentful.

Know When You’ve Found Something Worth Holding On To

On the other side of the rose-coloured coin, if you’ve spent a considerable amount of time delving into the mind of your holiday fling, you might just have something worth holding on to. In fact, without the time constraints and pressures of home, holiday romances lay very real foundations for getting to know each other and connecting in a way that’s uniquely open, sincere and laced with positive emotional associations.

That’s a rare situation to find yourself in, no matter where you are in the world. Ask yourself if you’ve connected about your lives at home, interests, values and future plans. Do you feel like you’ve known each other forever, underneath the sexual chemistry? Is there a sense of ease, shared humour or an undeniable feeling of flow?

People have, and will continue to, fall in love on holidays and forge long lasting relationships. It’s not all about the excitement and novelty either. Whether you’re diving, relaxing, learning or dancing each night away, you’re showing each other your passions, personalities and individual quirks with an overall sense of freedom. You’re uninhibited and willing to express your authentic selves in the present moment, with nothing to lose and no fear of running into each other again at your local cafe.

It’s amazing what a large dose of freedom can do, when it comes to truly connecting with someone. If that’s the situation you find yourself in, by all means, do look back at the airport.


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