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Evan Ceretti

Jun 15. 4 mins


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Nature is now more precious that it has even been and society must try its very best to preserve and appreciate what’s left. Photography can help us do that. Photography allows us to better understand nature from afar, through the lens, and through social media platforms, which helps promotes awareness, and conservation and preservation efforts.

Nature Photography Day is today (June 15th) and it inspires us to marvel at the beauty that surrounds us. Appreciating Natural Photography Day is simple, and the best way to participate is to go outside and simply enjoy nature. The North America Nature Photography Association (NANPA) was formed by over 100 nature photographers in 1994 and is still going strong today, thanks to all the support this art receives. The day was designed to promote nature photography, and to explain how photojournalism can be used for the benefit of plants, wildlife, and landscapes on a global level.

So, wherever you are, go get lost in the great outdoors – whether at a park, the beach, in the water, or in the mountains – and bring your camera with you in order to capture the stunning nature that we see every day and sometimes take for granted. Never has there been a better reason to head outdoors with your camera and get snappin’.

World Ocean Day was on June 7th and with Shark Week soon celebrating its 30th year, it’s crucial to highlight the importance of the ocean and everything that lives within the waters. The ocean faces pressing issues like never before in history – pollution from plastics and oil and everything in between, overfishing, shark finning, the death of coral reefs, and more. Hopefully, initiatives like Nature Photography Day will promote sustainability so we can live in harmony with nature.

According to the NANPA website, “Nature Photography Day celebrates those amazing souls who are able to capture nature’s beauty in the eye of a camera.” To help you better appreciate and understand just how beautiful the world is, we suggest following these awe-inspiring Instagram accounts and supporting the beautiful craft of nature photography. Get ready to be inspired.


Divers love sharks and thankfully there is a big, and much needed, push to save them. Luckily, there are photographers on the forefront of shark conservation who have brought issues that sharks face into the spotlight. For some of the best photos of sharks on IG, visit the pages of @juansharks who captures beautiful portraits of sharks, as well as @thomaspeschak, and @iphotographsharks. Check out @blueelementsimaging, who is an ocean conservationist and underwater photojournalist for more stunning photos of these amazing predators. Don’t miss out on browsing the amazing art of @magnuslundgrenphotography, conservation photojournalist @stevewinterphoto, and Emma Award Winning Cinematographer @shawnheinrichs.


IG: @nsuwp

We’re grateful for the divers and photographers who capture the underwater world, making it accessible for us to see and learn about. For inspiring underwater scenes, check out the work of Nat Geo photographer @daviddoubilet, artistic underwater portrait photographer @elenakaleis, creative underwater photographer @craigparryphotography, scuba photographer @alfredminnaarphotography, and award-winning photographer @nsuwp, who captures macro shots of vibrant, otherworldly-looking sea creatures. Also, scroll through the work of Nat Geo photographers @jenniferhayesig and @brianskerry and get lost in a world under the ocean’s surface. In Diver recently published an article showcasing some of the best diver accounts on IG, which can be checked out here.


You could spend a lifetime scrolling through all the jaw-droppingly stunning landscape photos on Instagram, but certain accounts never fail to inspire. When staring at the mountain-focused work of @maxrivephotography, it sometimes seems like it’s not earth we’re looking at – but that’s just a reminder of how beautiful and diverse the world is. The enchanting scenes from @kilianschoenberger spark similar feelings. Anthony has wonderfully captured the earth’s true form through unique shapes and textures. Likewise, @larsvandegoor, @chrisburkard, @alexstrohl, @claireonline, @erubes1, and @ovunno are all ambassadors of landscape photography. George Steinmetz of @feedtheplanet shows us the world from a different angle through his lens, as he tries to capture the challenge of meeting the rapidly expanding food demands of our society.


Photographers such as @mattiasklumofficial get up-close-and-personal with wildlife so that we can appreciate the wonders of the animal kingdom through his stunning work. Most of these brilliant photographers are dedicated to both photojournalism and wildlife conservation. If you’re looking for the best of Africa, @davidlloyd does an amazing job shooting black and white portraits. Also, explore the portfolios of prolific wildlife photographers @timlaman, @willbl, @ronan_donovan, and the amazing portrait work of @joelsartore.


A lot of amazing photographers focus on what’s above and beside the water rather than what’s underneath, as nature’s beauty knows no boundaries. For captivating and engaging photos of Antarctica and other sea- and wildlife photos, follow @camilleseaman, who strives to capture photos that show that humans are not separate from nature. To take a ride among the waves, follow @mattcbauer and his cinematic content, and to feel like you’re on beach in paradise, check out the posts from @brooklynhawaii Co-founder of Sea Legacy @paulnicklen has honed his craft to near protection, capturing some of the most unique photos of ocean life we’ve ever seen.

Are you a nature photographer?

If so, you can submit photos to the NANPA Nature Photography Day contest. Over 2,000 images were submitted to last year’s contest. You still have time, as the contest closes at midnight on June 15, and there are some killer prizes.

And don’t forget to make some noise with #indiver to get our attention and for a chance to be featured with your best underwater shots!


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