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Armela Escalona

Jun 26. 2 mins


As International Diver Magazine transitions from its focus on the caribbean island of Roatan, Honduras to Eastern Canada, we thought it best to start with a national symbol and pride of Canada, National Canoe Day.

Canoes are an important symbol in Canada. Throughout history, the canoe is recognized as the primary means of transportation of the Aboriginal People. It was an important part of daily life for every living person in Canada.

“In the history of watercraft, the canoe of the Aboriginal Peoples is perhaps the ultimate expression of elegance and function. All its parts come from nature, and when it is retired, it returns to nature.” – Canadian Canoe Museum

Canoe Day was first celebrated in the year 2007 by the Canadian Canoe Museum. It was an event to honor the canoe as one of the Seven Wonders of Canada. Although it was first celebrated in the country, the celebration was not exclusive for Canada. Canoe day is a global event that is enjoyed by many people worldwide. Now, every year at exactly the 26th day of June, people of all ages, in all regions of the world engage in various canoeing activity with their friends and family.

History of Canoes

Long before it was considered a hobby and a sport, canoeing was a means of traveling. Canoes were an important transport vehicle for native people. It was also one of the vessels frequently used by travelers to explore the country. In fact, it was canoes that carried Native Americans throughout North America.

Soon enough, canoes played a huge role in the Canadian industry. It became an important trade ship when the fur trade began around 1530-1540s. It was also canoes that brought the first Europeans to trade in American lands. Today, it’s enjoyed by many people as a way to get out into the wild, to experience the sea, the waters, and the various wildlife found in nature.

How To Celebrate Canoe Day

Celebrating canoe day is as easy as riding your canoe into the waters. It’s all about experiencing and exploring the beautiful outdoors. It’s all about finding and appreciating the beauty of nature with a sense of wonder while inside your favorite water vehicle.
Aside from being a good hobby, canoeing is also a great type of outdoor exercise. It’s refreshing, calming, and even therapeutic for people who experience overwhelming stress in their modern lives.

When you set out to paddle into the waters, you feel closer to nature. With the sun on your back and wind in your ears, you reach the end of the lake feeling fulfilled and humbled. You get to know each bend and ripple of a river. You become one with your canoe.

The Best Places for Canoeing in Canada

There are many sites and great lakes perfect for canoeing all over the world and if you’re in Canada for this splendid day, here are some of our top picks.

  1. Algonquin Provincial Park – found in southeastern Ontario, Algonquin is a great place for canoe lovers. Visit to experience Canada’s lustrous forests and see wildlife such as moose and bears.
  2. Kejimkujik National Park – If you’re interested in a historical canoeing adventure, this is the place to be. Filled with hiking trails and ancient canoe routes, Kejimkujik is a sacred passage native people have used for thousand of years.
  3. Rivière Bonaventure, Quebec – is a river in Gaspe Peninsula known for its clear cold water. It’s the premier destination for canoe lovers and those interested in Atlantic salmon fishing.

Have you experienced Canoe Day? Where are you going to celebrate it this year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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