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A serene and romantic island, Bali is full of hidden treasures both on land and under the sea. If you’re planning to hit Bali’s best dive sites, then you’ll want to check out these diver’s resorts. Complete with spas, gourmet restaurants, and, of course, professional, on-site scuba instructors, these resorts will make your stay in Indonesia unforgettable.

1. Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben- This diver’s resort and spa is located on the island’s northeast coast away from the hubbub in the southern tourist regions.

Right on Tulamben beach, this Bali island spa is only 80m from the famous Liberty wreck and 300m from the Drop-off and shark point. The on-site diving staff offer training courses for beginners to professionals in the hotel pool and luxury diving cruises around the archipelago.

Then when you come back from a long day in the ocean, you can relax with any of the spa’s restorative treatments including aromatherapy, facials, body scrubs, and oil massages. With a stunning view of the beach, delicious local cuisine, and a swim-up pool bar, this world-class hotel will blow you away.

2. OK Divers Resort & Spa-Known for their friendly, helpful staff and quiet, romantic location right on the edge of
Padang Bai, OK Divers Resort & Spa is a popular choice among divers. Their spacious rooms are equipped with extra soft beds, and their luxury suites offer in-room spa treatments and gorgeous ocean views.

The resort is located right on the edge of Padang Bai where you can spot stonefish, star gazers, and nudibranch. Ask about the Diving Safari, a 9-13-day tour with the resort’s experienced staff that will take you to see some of Bali’s hidden gems. Not only will you tour coral gardens, drop-offs, and wrecks, but you’ll also see rice paddies, ancient Hindu temples, and holy springs.

3. Blue Corner Dive– Blue Corner Dive, is a dive center with four separate locations across the island. On the coast of Tanjung Kotal Bay, there are fourteen Lanai cottages and two villas available for visitors to rent. Found in the middle of West Bali National Park, the Nusa Bay resort is the only establishment on the entire Prapat Agung peninsula.

You won’t want to miss the Nusa Menjangan dive, which is a stunning wall dive featuring the coral-encrusted remains of a century-old wooden ship and relics from ancient Hindu temples. Look out for 2.5m-long gorgonians, whitetip and blacktip sharks, Pygmy seahorses, batfish, spaghetti and spotted garden eels, eagle rays, and, of course, the breathtaking coral gardens.

The perfect escape, these picturesque cottages and villas are tucked away in a diver’s paradise.

4. Baliku Dive Resort– Set into the hillside, the villas have a stunning view of the ocean, and the hotel dinners are absolutely delicious. You can choose to either dine in the restaurant or ask the staff to prepare a romantic evening in your room for you.

Donna, the resort’s owner, is organized and professional. Plus, she’s a wealth of information and happy to share tips and advice with eager tourists.

When you’re not strolling through the elaborate gardens on the resort grounds, you can go diving with one of the on-site instructors. The hotel is directly across from the WWII Japanese shipwreck in Amed where you’ll see gorgonian fans and even small bommies and barrel sponges in the surrounding reef areas.

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