Randy Belham
Randy Belham

Feb 09. 2 mins

Achieve Your Fitness Goals by Working on These 5 Core Characteristics

Are you tired of trying to lose weight and then continually falling off the proverbial wagon? Or do you make resolutions to get fit, but find you never stick to your healthy living plans? It might be time to work on your inner self before you can successfully work on your outer self. If you want to achieve your fitness goals this year, here are five core characteristics of your personality you should hone.

1 . Aware
You must be aware of your interactions with food and fitness if you want to be successful. From the liquids you drink (e.g. adding sweet creamers to your coffee) to the effort you put into your exercise routines, you must be acutely aware of your efforts to improve your fitness. Make the effort to become more aware as you strive for healthier living, and your chances of success will increase significantly.

2. Responsible
Fitness enthusiasts who take responsibility for their actions increase their odds of achieving their goals. If you make excuses for why you are eating unhealthy foods or why you can’t exercise today, you limit your opportunities to enjoy the powerful feeling of meeting your goals. Commit to taking responsibility for your actions on your journey to weight loss and healthy living and you will increase the speed at which you achieve your dream.

3. Strategic
You must be strategic in your approach to fitness for long-term success. Attempting to lose weight quickly or achieve a fitter body in a haphazard manner won’t work. Develop a plan, outline your goals on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and track each element of your journey to physical fitness. You will be amazed at how much more in control you feel when you have a strategic plan in place to build a healthier body.

4. Motivated
Motivation doesn’t magically happen when you are trying to become physically fit. You must make a concerted effort to increase your motivation on a daily basis. Fitness enthusiasts who hone their motivation muscles tend to have higher success rates than those who hope inspiration will somehow strike them on their path to a perfected physique. Create a plan for staying motivated if you want to achieve your fitness goals.

5. Decisive
Another characteristic you should hone is the ability to be decisive. Too many weight loss wannabes fail to be decisive in their approach to healthier living. You can’t be an indecisive person and be physically fit and healthy at the same time. Learn to be decisive in the foods you bring into your home, decisive in the foods you eat, and decisive in the way you attack exercise. Only then will you be successful.

Work on these five characteristics and you increase your chances of achieving your fitness goals. It will take hard work and a willingness to commit to long-term change, but the rewards will definitely be worth the effort.


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