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Armela Escalona

Feb 24. 2 mins

A Guide to Honduras’ Colorful Festivals

From local activities to national events that celebrate their country, religion, and people — Hondurans love to express their culture through huge crowd-drawing festivals. Honduras is a predominantly Roman Catholic state, which means most of their festivals are usually religious in nature. In fact, almost all towns in Honduras have patron saints and dedicate a day each year to celebrate them.

La Ceiba Carnival

San Isidro Festival is one of the most popular festivals in the country attracting people from all parts of the globe. It’s also the largest religious festival held every May that honors the patron saint of the city, Saint Isidore the Laborer. Two weeks before the main parade in Avenida San Isidro, numerous festival activities including the crowning of the festival queen, school parades, and local carnivals are held in each town’s plaza.

Festival Date: May 15 (to last Saturday of the month)
Location: La Ceiba, Honduras

Feria Juniana

Feria Juniana is a major Honduran festival held in the month of June “Juniana”. It’s filled with dancing, exciting firework shows, live musical performances, and exhibitions. The main event is held on the last day of the festival where a big cultural parade happens in the street of Avenida Circunvalacion. Get ready to see a brimming and vibrant nightlife in the area filled with local cuisine, dancing, and drinking! Probably, the best part of this festival are the carnival rides and vibrant food stalls during the event.

Festival Date: Last week of June
Location: San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Semana Santa Festival

Another most celebrated festival in Honduras is the Semana Santa which is a week-long celebration of the Easter week. Depending on when Easter lands on the Christian calendar, this festival can happen in March or April.  Many Honduran cities host huge parades and perform biblical reenactments such as Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. Some of the best places to visit during this celebration is the Santa Rose de Copan located deep in the Honduras Mountain.

Festival Date: March or April ( based on the Holy Week date in the Gregorian Calendar. It differs each year)
Location: Nationwide

Christmas and New Year

Celebrated on the eve of the 24th and 31st respectively, these celebrations are celebrated in the majority of Honduran homes. During these celebrations, Hondurans cook special dishes for the occasion including the delicious tamales (baked meat wrapped in cornmeal dough), ceviche (marinated fish served as appetizer), baleadas (Honduran taco), and pupusas (Honduran tortilla).

Festival Date: Dec 24 and Dec 31
Location: Nationwide

Punta Gorda Festival

Celebrated annually on April 12, Punta Gorda is a one-of-a-kind Honduran festival where people from all over the country flock together on the beach of Roatan to celebrate the special day in history of the arrival of the Garifuna people.

During this festival, Garifuna people celebrate their culture by sharing traditional cuisine, performing traditional dances, and speaking their traditional language. Garifuna communities are located all over central America (Nicaragua, Belize, and Guatemala).

Festival Date: April 12
Location: Roatan Island, Honduras

What do you think about Honduran festivals? What other amazing Central American festivals have you experienced? Let us know in the comments below.


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