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What We Do

At International Diver, we combine our expertise and your passion for diving to bring to you an online magazine of distinction. International Diver Magazine is brimming with awesome photography, inspiring lifestyle articles, and expert advice. It’s no surprise that we’re the #1 resource for the scuba diver lifestyle. Yet, we also focus on more than just diving.


After all, isn’t life multi-dimensional? You deserve a life filled with diversity and opportunity!


That’s our mission at International Diver.


We focus on:


Community & Culture

Diving is so much more than just floating about the ocean with a tank of compressed air. When we go on a dive, we have the opportunity to learn about other cultures. We contribute to the local community in a variety of ways by sharing our skills, resources, and diving expertise. At International Diver, we focus on the community and culture in the areas where we dive as much as on the dive location itself. We can’t wait to share the colorful stories, photographs, and experiences with you.



Although we travel all over the world to find you the best diving spots, we’re always mindful of conserving the earth’s resources.


Life is diverse. Therefore, we cover a variety of lifestyle topics within our online magazine such as local traditions, events, après-diving sports, love and relationships and other aspects related to the diver life.



While we love diving, we’re also totally committed to conservation. We not only talk about saving our natural environment, we walk that talk. International Diver Magazine donates to both local and global charities committed to conservation. Wherever we dive, whatever locations we recommend to fellow enthusiasts, we select these with an eye to ensuring that local and international conservation laws are followed. We at International Diver believe it is important to preserve our scuba dive heritage for future generations.

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